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Port Governance Agency has jurisdiction over regulatory, development, technical and strategic tasks:

  • PGA recommends to the Government the ports, harboursand parts of portsdesigned for international or inlandtransport.
  • PGA recommends to the Government the conditions that must be met by ports opened to international trade, ports openedfor inland transport , harbours and reloading temporary position.
  • PGA  recommends to the Government the ports area for each port, or the harbour in accordance with the spatial planning and planning documents relating to the management of waterways.
  • PGA concludes the contract of port activities on the basis of the obtained approvals; keep a register of port operators to whom the clearance was issued.
  • PGAadopts and publicly announces the port tariffs; monitors the performance of inland port operators and users of the portor the harbour that performed activities carried out in accordance with the nature of their business and the obligations undertaken by the Agency.
  • PGA encourages inter-port cooperation and internal port competition and prevents monopoly in inland ports or harbours.
  • PGA promotes waterway traffic and depending on the goals and objectives of projects, competing or creates conditions for interested parties to apply for funds from international and European funds that are provided for this purpose.
  • PGA performs other duties specified by law.