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Kostolac International Passenger Terminal got an operator

The Port Governance Agency signed the Agreement on the performance of port activities with the Archaeological Park "Viminacium", which made Viminacium an operator at the International Passenger Terminal in Kostolac. The contract was signed for a period of ten years, and the obligations of the operator envisage investments in the maintenance of the port infrastructure and the access waterway.

During the signing of the contract, it was pointed out that the Agency had invested in the construction of the passenger terminal in Kostolac in the previous period, and it is expected that the terminal will be put into operation by the end of this year.

Kostolac is a significant point on the cruise route through Serbia, primarily due to the close proximity of the archaeological park Viminacium, which attracts both domestic and foreign tourists.

By opening an international passenger terminal in Kostolac, the Agency will bring the rich

Roman heritage closer to all cruise enthusiasts and at the same time contribute to the further improvement of nautical tourism in Serbia through the “Awake the Danube” project. This development project of the Agency is implemented with a focus on restoring the splendour of the Danube coast and all its potentials, sights, with special emphasis on the affirmation of cruising in the Upper and Lower Danube.