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Project ‘’Awake the Danube’’ presented in Vienna

The Port Governance Agency participated together with the Tourism Association Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, at the international tourism fair ‘’Ferienmesse Wien’’, held in Vienna from 16th to 19th January 2020. Ferienmesse Wien is the leading tourism fair in the Austrian market, with around 800 exhibitors from 70 countries and over 150,000 visitors each year.

During the fair representatives of the Agency promoted the project ,,Awake the Danube’’. Goal of the project is to promote the nautical traffic and tourism of the Upper and Lower Danube basin through connecting eleven authentic towns: Smederevo, Kladovo, Donji Milanovac, Kostolac, Golubac, Veliko Gradište, Novi Sad, Belgrade-Zemun, Sremski Karlovci, Apatin, Banoštor. As one of the results of the "Awake the Danube" project, the Agency has created a brochure and a website with the same name. The brochure is intended for tourists as well as local governments and tourist organizations. The readers of the publication can find the most interesting historical facts and get acquainted with the gastronomy and culture of eleven "Pearls of the Danube". The brochure of the Agency received great feedback from the visitors, who expressed the interest in visits to unique localities in Serbia, while tourist organizations received the most important information about the possibility of planning new routes through our country.

In the following period, the Agency will promote the project "Awake the Danube" at international fairs and conferences. The promotion of the natural resources of the Danube will enable the development of the eastern and northern parts of our country and passenger river transport in Serbia. In this way, the increase of local self-government revenues through tourism and the promotion of local crafts is encouraged, as our country stands side by side with European leaders of nautical tourism.

You can download the brochure HERE.