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The Аgency is investing in the construction of an international passenger terminal in Šabac

Director of the Port Governance Agency Vuk Perović visited Šabac and held a meeting with mayor Aleksandar Pajić, with whom he discussed the infrastructure project of the international passenger terminal in Šabac.

Perović pointed out that the Agency has started investing in the construction of the terminal in Šabac, bearing in mind the importance of this location for improving passenger traffic on the Sava river. According to his words, the works include the construction of a floating structure with stilts. "In the previous period, the Agency submitted an initiative to the Government of Serbia for the declaration of the port area in Šabac. Our goal is to use the possibilities of the Sava River to improve international and domestic river passenger traffic. We want to present the numerous attractions of the city - the Fortress, authentic architecture and monuments to tourists. The construction of the terminal in Šabac is one of the activities of the new project, which the Agency is starting with the aim of raising the awareness of tourists, the business community and local governments about the possibilities for the development of nautical potentials. During the project, we will work on further promotion of the nautical potentials of Serbia in domestic and international frameworks," said Vuk Perović.

The mayor of Šabac, Aleksandar Pajić, pointed out that the Sava River is one of the symbols of the city and that is why it is important to use all its potential to improve business and tourism. "Šabac will be another city in Serbia with international passenger terminal. In the previous period, with the help of the Republic of Serbia, significant investments were made in the city. In addition to the construction of one of the largest infrastructure projects - the Ruma - Šabac highway, as well as a new bridge over the Sava and the Šabac - Loznica expressway, our city will also have an international passenger terminal. After the development of the economy in Šabac, we are now starting the development of tourism. I am convinced that Šabac will be the city of the future," concluded Pajić.

Perović and Pajić visited the location of the future international passenger terminal and stated that this infrastructure project will further develop tourism and the city's economy. It was agreed that in the coming period the cooperation between the Agency and the city management will be intensified, in order to make Šabac a popular destination.

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