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A Memorandum of understanding signed in the range of improvement of nautical tourism

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of nautical tourism in inland waterways was signed between Minister of Trade of Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic and the Director of the Port Governance Agency, Vuk Perovic. The Memorandum will improve the economic environment and encourage further investments in the development of tourism and water transport. With this memorandum the visibility of Serbian nautical potential will grow and enriched by cultural sights and natural attractions of our country that will be present more closely to domestic and foreign tourists.

The production of nautical/river tourism in Serbia is now on discrepancy with the current needs of the tourist market. Nautical tourism is a development opportunity for Serbia, whose great potential is reflected in the network of rivers of almost 1,600 km in length and the Danube.

“Due to the development of these potentials, today's signing of the Memorandum is determined and will contribute to stimulating investment activity ", said Minister Matić, emphasizing that the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications has allocated a total of 327.9 million dinars for international passenger terminals in the past six years.

The director of the Agency, Vuk Perovic has pointed out that Memorandum will greatly improve nautical tourism in Serbia mostly in area of construction and opening of new international passenger terminals and marinas.

"Serbia is a country of great nautical potentials and cooperation with the ministry prevents those potentials from being visible and accessible to tourists.

In the upcoming period, we will work together intensively on planning and improving the tourist infrastructure. Marinas and international passenger terminals are an important segment of passenger water transport and will complete the nautical offer of our country. The activities of the Agency will be focused on the planning of capital and priority projects and their implementation. We are convinced that the exchange of knowledge, experience and information with the ministry will be of key importance, so that, after several decades, the tourist potentials of the Danube and Sava will be fully used ", said Perovic.

Matic and Perovic agreed that through cooperation between the two institutions, projects in the field of nautical tourism will be realized more efficiently. The construction and opening of new international passenger terminals and marinas will contribute to the development of local governments and increase total revenues from the branch of tourism in Serbia.