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Agency visits Galati

Representatives of the Port Governance Agency (PGA) have visited Galati and met with the management of the Romanian National Company "Maritime Danube Ports Administration" (APDM). His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Stefan Tomašević, was also in attendance.

His Excellency Ambassador Tomašević stated that the Danube is a river of great importance to the Republic of Serbia and Romania, due to trade exchange and tourism development. He praised the cooperation between the PGA and APDM and emphasized that it strenghtens the relations between the two countries.

The director of the PGA, Vuk Perović, pointed out that the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two port authorities contributes to the improvement of port activities. "The activities of the two institutions will enable increased visibility of the Danube ports in Serbia and Romania on the European map. The PGA and APDM will keep up with the trends related to environmental protection, and work on strengthening international passenger traffic and inland waterways freight transport. In addition, the common goal is the development of economic activities in the hinterland of the port and their integration into international multimodal transport chains ", concluded Perović.

APDM Director Marcela-Daniela Costea stated that the meeting of port authorities opens the way to new projects for improving freight and passenger transport on inland waterways. "The priority of APDM is smart and sustainable inclusion of river-maritime ports in new transport routes. Cooperation with the PGA will improve the connection of Danube ports and their further development," Costea said.

During the visit, a meeting was organized between PGA officials and port operators in Galati. In the conversation with the operators, experiences and knowledge regarding port activities and operations were exchanged, and current challenges in freight inland waterway transport were also discussed.