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Second session of the Expert Group of the Danube Commission

The second online session of the Expert Group for the Development of Ports and Port Operations of the Danube Commission was organized on March 9, 2022. The Agency also participated in the work of the group, as the Port Authority of the Republic of Serbia.

Experts from the member countries of the commission discussed strategic issues related to the development of the Danube ports. In addition, the implementation of climate goals and the contribution of ports to the energy transition were discussed. One of the topics of the gathering was the digitalization of ports in the Danube basin, and the competent institutions presented their observations regarding overcoming administrative barriers.

The initiative for the adoption of the Declaration on the decarbonisation and sustainability of river and seaports in the Danube region was launched at the session. The Declaration is expected to be adopted and signed in the second half of this year.

The next meeting of experts is scheduled for September 29 and will be held live in Budapest.