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The Agency’s development projects in Smederevo

Vuk Perovic, the director of the Port Governance Agency, visited Smederevo and held a meeting with the mayor Jovan Bec and his associates. Topic of the meeting was the implementation of development projects in the area of waterway transport.

Perović pointed out that the Agency is actively working on the development of marinas in Serbia. "In the Study for the development of micro-locations of marinas on the Danube and the Sava, prepared by the Agency, Smederevo is recognized as one of the potential locations for the future marina. In the previous period, we invested in the preparation of the necessary documentation for the declaration of the port area of ​​the marina in Smederevo. The immediate vicinity of the fortress, variety of tourist, sports-recreational and cultural facilities, represent the advantages of this micro location on the Danube. In addition, in the scope of the "Awake the Danube" project, we discussed the next steps regarding the promotion of river cruise industry in Smederevo and what Smederevo, as the medieval capital of Serbia, can offer to foreign tourists. Furthermore, one of the topics of the meeting was the relocation of the old port to a new location and the relocation of the international passenger terminal to the city center. In this way, the area around the fortress would develop the full touristic potential. Our goal is to pin Smederevo as a location with significant potential for cruising and a marina on European nautical maps," concluded Perović.

The mayor of Smederevo, Jovan Bec, pointed out that the city has great tourist potential, and that this will only come to the fore with the development of the marina. "The city, in cooperation with the Port Governance Agency, will be maximally involved in the preparation of all necessary documentation in the coming period. Considering that the Agency has started with the preparation of the study for the declaration of the marina on the Danube, after that, the preparation of the project documentation for obtaining the construction permit will follow. Also, I want to emphasize that an agreement has been reached to carry out the cleaning of the marina". The mayor said that in the coming period, meetings were arranged in order to speed up the whole process, and to enable that Smederevo becomes important tourist attractions in Serbia, which, taking into account all the above, the city is.

Perovic and Bec visited the location of the future marina as well as the international passenger terminal. They agreed that future infrastructure projects in the area of ​​passenger waterway transport will greatly improve the local economic development and increase revenues from this economic branch.

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