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The Agreement on the realization of the first phase of the project for the construction of a marina in Veliko Gradište was signed

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications together with the Port Governance Agency, Veliko Gradiste Municipality and PWC "Srbijavode" signed an Agreement on the implementation of the first phase of the marina construction project in Veliko Gradiste, which is the result of a previously signed Memorandum of Understanding in nautical tourism inland waterways, between the Ministry and the Port Management Agency.

"The agreement signed today will enable the beginning of work on the process of building marinas and international passenger terminals and thus significantly contribute to the improvement of sustainable and planned development of nautical tourism in this part of Serbia, as well as the development of tourist and recreational complex on Silver Lake, where the increase of tourists and overnight stays is recorded. There is currently a dock for boats without accompanying facilities, but more and more luxury boats pass through the Danube, and these tourists also want to visit Silver Lake. The Danube here also represents the border with Romania, where an increasing number of tourists come from," Matic said.

She added that for the municipality of Veliko Gradiste, the construction of the marina means exceptional growth of tourist potential and thus greater attendance of this municipality, and that she is sure that in this way all natural beauties of our country will get closer to domestic and foreign tourists.

Director of the Port Governance Agency Vuk Perovic said that marinas represent an important segment of nautical tourism and that in the previous period this area was standardized, the first port areas were declared, while the Agency prepared a Study of microlocation development of marinas on the Danube and Sava.

"The Study provides an opportunity for new investments and projects for the construction of marinas, which will enhance nautical tourism in Serbia. Further significant investments in the marina in Veliko Gradište are planned, which will contribute to increasing the income of this local self-government and attracting nautical enthusiasts to the east of our country. We will work intensively to make our future marinas a part of Europe's nautical maps", Perović pointed out, adding that Veliko Gradište was recognized as a promising location for the development of marinas and international passenger terminals, due to the proximity of tourist and sports facilities, especially Silver Lake. According to him, during 2021, the Agency invested funds in the construction of an international passenger terminal near the Ram Fortress.

"The construction and opening of marinas and new international passenger terminals will raise the visibility of our country's nautical potentials. We want to fully use the numerous opportunities of the Danube for further improvement of international and domestic river passenger traffic ", concluded Perović.

The director of PWC "Srbijavode" pointed out that thanks to this very important infrastructure project, the municipality of Veliko Gradiste will get a marina and thus become one of the attractive destinations for boaters, as well as increase the visibility of Serbia's nautical potentials and bring foreign tourists closer to cultural and historical sights and natural resources of our country.

"PWC ‘’Srbijavode’’ will, in accordance with its activities, participate in the preparation of the necessary technical and other documentation, perform the tasks of investors and professional supervision during the execution of works in order to successfully implement this project," said Puzovic.

The president of the municipality of Veliko Gradiste, Dragan Milić, pointed out that the construction of the marina will further improve the tourist offer of Silver Lake, and the advantages that the Danube brings will be fully used, and that an increase in the number of guests visiting this destination can be expected.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Ms. Tatjana Matic, the Director of the Port Governance Agency, Mr. Vuk Perovic, and the Director of the Public Water Management Company "Srbijavode ", Mr. Goran Puzovic, for recognizing this destination and helping us build a marina together.”, concluded Milić.

The marina will be located on the Danube, near the Silver Lake. Within the marina, facilities such as the administration, club, space for accommodating vessels, accommodation facilities, commercial and other facilities are also planned.